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Author, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker,
Health & Wellness Coach, Owner of The Natural Skincare Institute

I INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and UPLIFT Women to Take Their Power Back

I am Misty Cassady aka Natural Skincare Chick, Owner of the Natural Skincare Institute.

I help women who are exhausted with unnatural, unhealthy products to Take their power back by creating 100% natural products using ingredients right in their very own kitchens.

I also help women to thrive by opening successful health and wellness businesses.

Career Highlights

18 year Accountant & Tax Consultant

Founder of The Natural Skincare Institute aka Natural Skincare Chick

Founder of Purpose Driven Black Women Community Outreach Organization

Author of "Make it & Sell It

Author of "ACTION" A guide to awakening your inner boss by taking ACTION

Author of "Herbal Remedy Secrets"

Author of "Essential Aromatherapy"

Herbalist & Natural Skincare Master Practitioner 

Health & Wellness Coach

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