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Hello, my name is Misty Cassady and I am an  Author, Entrepreneur, Motivational Keynote Speaker, Trail Blazer, Health & Wellness Coach & the owner of The Natural Skincare Institute.

​I was born and raised on the westside of Chicago, and I make no apologies for “Beating the Odds”.


Health & Wellness Coach 2013

I am Misty AKA Natural Skincare Chick

Owner of the Natural Skincare Institute

I help Women who are exhausted with unnatural, unhealthy products to take their power and autonomy back by creating products using ingredients found in their very own kitchens.

I help Women to Thrive by sharing my blueprint to opening their own 6 figure Natural Skincare Schools.

The Accounting Queen 2005

I have  BS in Accounting, and I am an accomplished, seasoned Accountant and Tax consultant with over 18 years in the field and in 2005 I opened the doors of Misty McEwen & Associates, an Accounting Consulting firm.

The Metaphysician 2008

​In 2008 I began a Metaphysical Journey which led me to becoming an Ordained Interfaith Minister and obtaining certifications in Reiki, Theta Healing, Mediumship, and Certified Life Coaching.


Misteeh Natural Skincare Products 2013

​With a Legacy of Beauty Basics and over 25 years of Beauty Industry Exposure making me an authority on natural skincare, I created and became Co-Owner of Misteeh Natural Skincare Products. A line of natural skincare products using mostly Raw & Organic ingredients.

Became an Herbalist & Master Natural Skincare Practitioner.

Purpose Driven Black Women 2015

​in 2015 I founded Purpose Driven Black Women Community Outreach Organization which was born from an intense desire to aid in the transformation of the black community. our mission is “Changing the face of Black Women in America”.

Natural Skincare Chick 2015

In 2015 I launched Natural Skincare Chick which started as a natural skincare blog giving natural skincare tips and information.


The Candle Doctor 2016

​In August of 2016 I opened the doors of The Candle Doctor. A retail store featuring hand- made Soy Candles, Natural Skincare Products and a Yoni Steam Bar.

Make it & Sell It 2016

I wrote my first E Book in 2016 Make it & Sell it the Spa Addition. Currently sold on Amazon.

The Natural Skincare Institute

Relaunched 2019

In 2019 I relaunched Natural Skincare Chick which is an

Online Natural Skincare & Herbalist Education Institute offering


Over 22 online self paced courses offering certifications

-Master Skincare Practitioner  -Detox Therapist

-Yoni Steam Practitioner  -Certified Juice Therapist

-Certified Herbalist   -Yoni Steam Instructor


Metaphysical Accreditation Institute 2020

In 2020 I opened the Metaphysical Accreditation Institute.

A Metaphysical Science Education Learning Institute.

Action 2021

In 2021 I wrote Action! A guide to awakening your inner Boss by taking Action. Currently sold on Amazon.

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